Friday, January 8, 2010

You Know The Guy

He's your supervisor. The control freak bully who tells you about the big project coming up, then puts off every decision about the scope and goals of said project. He doesn't reply to your emails, goes on vacation and can't be reached when you need answers, and loads you down with trivia instead of helping you clear your desk for the heavy workload you know is coming.

And finally, when the phone book sized proposal finally drops on your desk - months after it was promised - he has the gall to tell you the deadline has been moved up and it must be completed next week.

You know you're being set up, and there is an epic disaster fast approaching. You know when the hammer falls, your leader will be smirking and pointing the finger at you, and the itching you're feeling between your shoulder blades marks the spot where the knife is going to be.

What you can't figure out is if he is too stupid to see what is going to happen, or a sadist sacrificing the greater good for the evil pleasure of seeing someone crushed, or a just lunatic who fantasizes you are an enemy to be destroyed and damn the consequences.

This foul pustule now has a name... Commander in Chief.

I didn't think is was possible to hold this wart on the nation's ass in greater contempt.

I was wrong.

1 comment:

The Old Man said...

I disagree. Hopey would have to seriously upgrade to make it up to wart status...