Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friendly Fire

A lot of libertarian types have their boxers in a wad from watching the police clear the squatters from the various "occupy" camps - especially the whole pepper spray thing.

When amoral, power lusting, dirtwads like Mike Bloomberg and Antonio Villagarossa send the police to roust a bunch of whiny, collectivist, thumbsuckers who, when they grow up and have the power themselves, will gladly send those same cops to bust the heads of their current class enemies... well, it's kind of like Stalin sending the KGB to suppress the young pioneers.

Far as I can tell, it's blue on blue.


NotClauswitz said...

It's all good! The Young Pioneers need pepper-spray training and to *bond* with such female Pioneers as will have them, through drugs, danger, or misplaced bravado! That is the group who will become Lieutenants (and prison guards) of the Cadre!

Anonymous said...

That's entirely concurrent with my view, mike-istan.

You have two groups of Authoritarians, each vying for control. Same thing happens when the Unions decide to create a street-riot.

Let them have at it. If they are fighting each other, they'll have less time to hassle me.