Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In My Darker Moments

I'm looking for suggestions. After the little explosion of last week, I spent some time sorting through my thoughts, and I couldn't make the needle swing to the positive side. It's hard to watch the Mayor of DC acting like any old Jim Crow loving good old boy defying the Supreme Court, American terrorists offering the standard rationalizations their crimes, all while the news media want us to pretend not to notice they have given up all pretense of objectivity.

Now Sebastian writes that he has some doubts about the legality of putting his political opinions down on paper and handing them out.

In America for God's sake, you now have to be afraid that it might be against the law to publish an opinion.

I'm looking for glad tidings, and not finding too many.

So, I'm asking for suggestions - what candle do you light? What star do you steer by? And which way do you turn to scent something good on the wind?


James R. Rummel said...

I can't really say anything that I think will address your own personal doubts. We all have these moments where it is difficult to see the positive side, just as we all have ways to try and get out of the shadows.

Good luck.


Bob S. said...


I know how hard it is to see the positive side, but think about the issues you mentioned.

We live in a country that allows heated debate about firearms; not a censored country like China.

Mayor Fenty is acting that way because he's fighting a loosing battle. We have a long ways to go, but Heller shows the momentum is shifting/has shifted to the pro rights side.

News objectivity - it isn't Pravda. There are alternate news sources that aren't government ran.

And it goes on, we haven't lost, we haven't been forced to draconian measures. People are becoming aware of the issues; in part to things like the kerfuffle last week. Many people sitting on the side probably read that, learn something about their rights. Isn't that a positive?

Here's an exercise that I do, it's very dark. Spend some times imagining how it could be worse; it will make you thankful for where we are and prepared in case it gets worse.

Peter said...

Whenever someone give me the sad sack story I ask them some simple questions.

Are you hungry?
Did you sleep in clean sheets?
Did anyone shoot at you today?
If your answer is no to all the above, then your in the top 95% of the world. What's your problem?
Count your blessings!

As for you being down about government or what ever, remember America is based upon conflict and change. We love the fight, both left and right, both offer sides something, and 100 percent of either one will produce the same. (e.g., a Radical dictator or Reactionary king). IN 1776, General Washington was a Radical. What so great about America, is that change does come, (this is not a plug for Obama) a governmental change in leadership occur every four years, sooner if the congress swings, as chosen by the people, and yet no one dies. Let me repeat this important observation, when our leaders change, no one dies! This is amazing if you look at the way governments change in other countries.

An America, one does not really appreciate freedom until it is removed, then watch out, all hell will break loose, something the left and Democratic Party should be aware of.
Jefferson may have been right, he predicted a armed rebellion against the standing government every five years, however for now the voting booth is much safer.

I love my life, my health care, it cost me, but I am still alive, I love the paved streets, my car, the house, running water, my shower and toilet, electricity, television, heat in the winter and cooling in the summer, blogging, and most of all beautiful woman (sorry I digress). I married to a beautiful woman, one beautiful woman is more than enough. (I still look, don't tell her.)

I love the American Arm Forces and our police for with out them evil men and some evil women would come and all the above would be removed.

Go to any other country and compare my love list to theirs, America's will top them every time.

Remember also that other people do love you, James Rummel who I read almost every day, has a great following, and commands many, even thought he may not think so. I just wish I could write like him. If he says to say hello, then hello it is.

Don't know if this help, being a glad tiding, but take heart. A wise man said "From every negative event comes the seed of an equivalent or greater positive event." That seed is there, It can be turned, watered and nurtured, till it grows. If you want to fight, join the party, if you don't like the party, start another one. I would not recommend an armed rebellion at this point, but don't every rule it out. The thought of it keeps many politician and voting offices honest.

Take care
Persistence, Integrity and Attitude. (PIA).

Mike W. said...

I look at places like the UK and realize that even with all its faults, I'm damn lucky to live in America.

Jay G said...

Whenever I get upset at the world, for whatever reason, I find that nothing calms me down as effectively as shooting a Magnum-caliber handgun.

In fact, I think I'll bring the S&W mode 629 to the range this weekend.

Shoot that new model 19. Fill 'er up with some hot .357 loads (158 grainers, natch) and watch the tension melt away...

Because nothing quite says "freedom" like 158 grains traveling 1300 FPS...