Friday, August 22, 2008

This Just Might Be Interesting

We were in the backyard yesterday, celebrating my birthday with Full Sail Pale Ale (their slogan is "Ridiculously Tasty" - they ain't kidding), and some turtle watching, when Breda says she can't wait for the democratic coronat... er... I mean convention in Denver.

Personally, I prefer something less scripted, like pro wrestling or a Soviet show trial, so I asked why.

"For the fireworks, the protests, the blood in the streets, Chicago 1968 all over again" she answered (approximately).

"But", I countered, "these are democrats - you know, all marching in lock step. A vast sea of identical diversity worshipers all demanding freedom for themselves and people who believe exactly what they believe - why would they eat their young like that? Especially since they are this close to ultimate power, to having the means to build a kinder, more caring world where their enemies can be ruthlessly crushed and their heads placed on pikes in a kindly, gentle manner."

In reply she spoke but a single word... "Hillary."

I have my doubts, but they are not as absolute as they once were. For today I found via Instapundit, via Slate... a last ditch Hillary site.

I don't know what is going on here, or if these folk are serious, or influential or what. But it's enough to give a reactionary troglodyte such as myself a good case of the schadenfreude giggles.

Here is a sample from the schedule of events

Beautiful Protest and Rise,
Cheesman Park, 4-10pmIn Commemoration of Hillary Clinton’s Historic Presidential Campaign! What makes this historical event special, isn’t just that it’s named after the Maya Angelou’s famous poem “Rise,” but that it will also close with the lighting of candles to pay tribute to Hillary and all of her achievements, while also symbolically reigniting the flame to America’s great Democracy and Lady Liberty’s torch. Hundreds of participants are expected to attend, and candles are planned to Rise across the nation, community by community, in one harmonious gesture of participation. There is no doubt that this will be a marvelous occasion for everyone who has worked on behalf of Hillary Clinton, as well as all her supporters/fans who just believe and appreciate our Liberty and Democracy will all have an opportunity to come together and enjoy an afternoon and evening of festivities. This is a free event and all Hillary supporters/fans are welcome. PumaPac activities in the park will begin at 4p.m. and run until 6 p.m. The Rise speakers and entertainment will begin at 7 p.m. and end at 10 p.m., with the national “Rise” candle salute to Hillary, Democracy and Lady Liberty to Kickoff in Cheesman Park at exactly 9:45 MDT.

She might not get the White House, but she gets the "national candle salute"?

I just might participate in that... I'll have my own lovely librarian figure out what 9:45 MDT works out to in flyover country, and go outside and point something in the air in a Hillary-ward direction to express my true feelings too.


Less said...


Rio Arriba said...

If I could paraphrase Robert Welsh, Esq., in speaking to the Dems...

"Have you no sense of humor, folks, at long last? Have you left no sense of your own silliness?"

OrangeNeckInNY said...

If only all those candles could be lit under her ass. She ain't done shit for New York since she got voted in as Senator. She's getting paid by New Yorkers for doing diddly. Real fucking nice.

Earl said...

My brother, who lives and works in Denver, and believes in the Democrats when they are left enough for him, is providing sound for many things that are happening through the week, his plate is full, it is a small plate - he says he can satisfy up to 3,000 with quality - the monster crowds have rock band set ups. I don't think he would get Hillary, maybe Monica's groupies.