Monday, November 17, 2008

The Green Revolution

I have been converted. I used to think “environmentalist” was synonymous with “totalitarian weenie who wants to run my life but doesn’t have the balls to try taking my liberty on his own, so he’ll get the government to do it”, but now thanks to Mr. Derbyshire, via Lucianne, we can see the green future and it works.

Wow! Here’s a tour of a major city with plenty of green space, and populations of wildlife normally not seen in urban environments. The best of both worlds - after reading that, sign me up for the auto industry bailout.

If a public/private partnership (think Freddie and Fannie, but with union thugs instead of acorn types pushing you around) between the auto unions and the democrat party can provide this type of enviromental utopia for Detroit, what can they do for (to) your neck of the woods?

I for one, welcome our new Obamalords.


red said...

Overgrown and deserted, that's my kind of city! I think we need more modern day ghost towns, why not start with Gotham?

Thanks for the link, very cool!

Carteach0 said...

Shivers of Rand..... aye.

Heath said...

That town is the only place I feel under-armed while driving through it with my 1911 on my hip...