Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Could Have Forseen?

Six Meat Buffet is just plain funny, particularly when gems such as this piece of unintended consequences come to light. The innovative business plan of letting the customers set their own price at your restaurant may have something to recommend it, but not in a staying in business kind of way.

According to the paper, "Inexperience seems to be the main problem" in causing the collapse of the trendy eatery. Uh... not so much.

Hint for all - experienced as well as inexperienced business owners must consistently take in more money than they spend, or they go out of business. I know many want that to be no longer true, but there's life in the old Adam Smith yet.

On the bright side, watch these people; they have a future in the Obama administration.

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James R. Rummel said...

I was shocked when I read it myself. Surely Six Meat was pulling my leg?

No, he wasn't.

I figure there has to be some sort of public grant money involved here. There is no freakin' way they could keep their doors open for the last five years with a business model so divorced from reality unless the restaurant was suckling from the socialist teat.

The picture at the news article shows a rather unassuming eatery, yet it is run by a "board". Yeah, like every Taco Bell or McDonald's needs a "board" for managment.

If the place was in Chicago, I bet Bill Ayers would be on it.