Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Breda’s First Boomstick

T.W. isn’t a shy person by any means, but she doesn’t object to being in the background until she’s comfortable with a situation. So, after going shooting a few times with me, and expressing some disappointment in her progress, I pointed out we had a family membership at the range and, since it was only ten minutes away, she could run up there anytime she wanted and practice to her heart’s content.

After thinking about it for a while, she decided that, yes indeedy, she could do just that. Now she packs up the guns, walks in, spends a little time cracking wise with the guy behind the counter, gets her a lane and opens fire.

My wife’s a regular at the gun shop; I’m very proud of her.

What’s more, she likes to learn anything from anyone who has something to teach: .357 mag – sure, Kel-Tec .32 – bring it on, wadcutters in the .38 for double action practice – sounds good. She does draw the line at the gun shop commandos who try to chat up the cute girl at the range – Trophy Wife has a stare that could teach Lord Kelvin a thing or two about cold – trust me.

If all goes well, a new milestone should be reached Thursday - yep, my wife is going to buy her first gun. We don’t have a .22 revolver and no home is complete without one, so yesterday I made some arrangements, and a shiny new Taurus Model 94 should be arriving tomorrow. I will be at work, so T.W. is the one who will fill out the paperwork, hand over the money, and get the thrill of opening the toy box. I hope this particular thrill doesn’t become too habit forming if she developes a liking for Kimbers and such.

I may have made a small mistake of showing her the pistol on the Taurus website however. She clicked on the accessories link and thought the optional rosewood grips quite handsome. I told her there were lots of aftermarket grips available though, and look around some. She found some all right – they’re shiny, and pearly, and pink… oh my.

I guess I’m secure enough in my manhood to shoot a pistol with pink grips, I guess.

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weaselkeeper said...

My wife like H&K's and wound up with a P7M8

She said the $500 sig was nice, but the $1100 H&K was nicer :/

On the plus side, I get to shoot it too!