Monday, September 24, 2007


Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.
Arnold Toynbee

Ask any emergency worker what they consider their most dangerous situation, and they will tell you its a suicide attempt. The guy holding the gun to his head might decide he doesn't have the nerve to pull the trigger, but if he pops off a couple of rounds at the police, they'll end the matter for him. The cops know suicidal rage can turn to homicidal rage in a second.

I felt like those cops today after hearing that Columbia University invited a genocidal freak to air his views on their campus under the guise of "dialog". The prissy, ass-kissing, sonofabitch who passed the invite to the Iranian terrorist supporter and tyrant had the monumental gall to lecture critics on being open minded. Apparently, a mind so open you could drive a truck through it is a requisite for the presidency of an Ivy League college.

Perhaps we should stone some rape victims to death as adulteresses, or drop walls on a few homosexuals in order to achieve a little cultural communion with the leaders of Iran... what do you think Mr. Bollinger?

Look pal, you want this country's civilization dead - that's the only explanation I can think of when someone who supposedly has the job of safeguarding and advancing our cultural heritage actually lends a forum to the worst of our avowed enemies. The terrifying part of it is you want to take the rest of us down the road to oblivion with you while paying for the privilege.

I wish there was an easy way to stop you from killing us -- sure I'll write my congressman and demand that none of my tax dollars go to buy the bullets aimed at us, but it won't help; you have the bigger voice. I'll rant to the internet about the danger you pose, but come on, even if I was a major blogger, I still have to spend eight hours at a day job to keep a roof and food over and in me respectively, while you're the full-time cultural fat cat with the endowment, and that's just the way it is.

But I will not despair, us worms of the earth have to grind away where we can.
It's a slow-motion murder-suicide you're running, and there are ways even us peasants can fight back. The mush for brains mouth breather with the face piercings at the coffee shop is the ultimate end user of the intellectual pablum you and yours have been serving up, and him I can work on -- maybe a few hints that you're a big Bush donor and its all part of the war for oil conspiracy to get us into it with Iran. It ain't much, but It will make me feel better.

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