Sunday, February 22, 2009

Empty Green Promises

You knew it was so much fairy dust and unicorn farts, and I knew it, but apparently there are a lot of people out there who actually believed there were millions of jobs to be had in the forthcoming green revolution.

Not just any jobs either, but high paying, white shirted, clipboard carrying jobs. The kind of job a man... er woman... er person of diversityness can be proud of. Jobs requiring the monitoring of flashing lights while hovering about around machines that go "beep" in the sterile, renewable, non-polluting brave, green, science-fiction-ey new world.

The fiction part they got right.

How could anyone believe this crap in the first place?

My guess is many people have grown up with teachers, parents, and authority figures of all sorts telling them their dreams are not only obtainable, but that the world owes them the realization of those dreams. Further, they have been convinced that should their dreams not be delivered in a timely manner, it is not because they are lazy, or stupid, or unlucky, or those dreams were unrealistic, but the result of a conspiracy to cheat them of what is rightfully theirs.

I can understand how people who grew up never finding out there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy can end up in a place where political fantasies seem real, but my question is, "In what universe does your womyns studies-underwater basket weaving degree, belief that stones have souls and conviction that mathematics is a tool of patriarchal oppression suit you to being anything but the floor mopper for the green, glorious, high tech industries run by all those Indian, Chinese, and Korean kids who have been grinding down on calculus, science, and engineering since grade school?"


drjim said...

You sure hit the nail on the head, Mike! It's endemic in our "education" system to teach useless BS rather than The Three R's. As the old joke goes, a person with a Science degree looks at something, and asks "Why does that work?" while a person with an Engineering degree looks at the same thing and asks "How does that work?".
The luckless person with the History, PolySci, or Arts degree looks at it and says "You want fries with that?".

Robert Langham said...

Mike, old buddy old pal, you are turning into Geek with a .45 or The Smallest Minority.
Great to drop by here- which I do about once a day, and see a new post.
Remember the Alamo, you redneck.

Mike said...

Robert, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time.

If I ever speak to a live congresscritter, I will quote Mr.Crockett,

“You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas”

God Bless

NotClauswitz said...

Heh, "high paying, white shirted, clipboard carrying jobs" - those are Government Do-Nothing Jobs, and Sacramento is full of them AND of womyns studies graduates working with State Government for the SEIU.
It's why California is doomed.