Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stimulus Package I

I can’t help it; it sounds pornographic. I suppose that's because every time the phrase comes up I automatically say to myself, “Oh boy are we gonna get screwed.”

It won’t work- a few moments with any economics text will assure you of that. So why are we doing it?

Let’s be honest here - we are doing it, not congress, not the president, not the government – us. We the people are going to pick our own pocket, then pay our masters in Washington to give us our own money back – after they take their cut.

And we’re not just letting it happen; most of us are cheering for it to happen, hoping, pleading, and begging that it be done. There are a lot of people who know just how big a monstrosity this thing is, yet when they went to the polls last November, there was no ballot choice for them. Neither major party candidate offered any indication they were possessed of the political will to go against the tide of populist entitlement. And no, this is not some “We are all responsible for the genocide in Rwanda” collective guilt trip. It is just a simple statement of fact: if you are among the hundred million or so voters who cast a ballot for a major party candidate last election, you, and I for that matter, voted for the raping of the American economy, and with it American liberty.

The dismal failure of political will on the part of the elected, is matched by an equal failure of civic will on the part of the voters. We, and the fact of the existence of the two nonentities we accepted as candidates on the most recent ballot stands as proof, are now as convinced that the government is a cause of, rather than a result of good, as any medieval serf was of his king. We have allowed ourselves to become a democracy rather than a republic. And if you have to ask what is so bad about that, there’s no help for you.


jana said...

Here's an online petition you can sign if you are against the stimulous bill... or, as I now call it, the "Porky McThiefpants Ripoff Plan".


(Yes, I know, it's John McCain's PAC site.... but, still...)

KurtP said...

Fifty percent of America didn't have a choice in the Republican primaries because of the east coast Libs and crossover Dems that gave us in Texas a choice of McCain or Ron Paul, since all the others had quit by them.

Sorry about the run on sentence...

perlhaqr said...

Kurt: Two candidates, one of whom isn't a complete statist lickspittle, sounds an awful lot like a choice to me.