Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interesting Thought You Got There Steve

From Thirdpower we find this. My only question about Steve Herr's self-proclaimed "best solution in the world" is, once he has decided who he's not going to let have any guns, how is he going to take them away?

Seriously Steve, take me for example, I'm not really a joiner, so I'm certainly not part of any militia you would recognize, therefore you withdraw your consent for me to own guns - so be it. I've still got them what's your plan now genius?

Stevie boy - don't keep these things to yourself... share with us your next step.


USCitizen said...

You could always visit my place & request a membership certificate.

Yea, that should do it.

Earl said...

Steve has many problems, disarming others is really the least of his, he was supposed to have learned how to read and study in his younger years. And didn't anyone tell him that he is part of that well regulated militia? that would be a big surprise to him, wouldn't it?

Mark Alger said...

Sounds to me like a typical leftist -- passive-agressive down the pike. He'll call a cop to take your guns away. Or send the Army or National Guard. (You know, that state militia the 2nd actually refers to.)