Friday, July 11, 2008

Who Is Who

Linked to by Instapundit, the story of how our elected representatives, in order to suck votes and support from the public employees unions, gave our tax dollars to investment managers who promised way more than they could deliver, and now we are going to get stuck with the bill to pay for some bureaucrat's retirement home in the Outer Banks because the investment return was "guaranteed".

Sort of like having a pimp come to your house and beat you for money to pay back a client whose wallet was stolen by a hooker. Except in this case it hard to tell exactly which one is the pimp, the hooker, and the john with the missing billfold.

We do however, know who is going to get screwed.

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Carteach0 said...

Here in lovely Pennsylvania....
12 people were just indicted, including the first of reportedly several law makers, for using unmonitored government funds to run the last election campaigns in the state.

They took millions in money distributed for running their offices and used it to fund their campaigns, having their office staff (state employees) spend 100% of their time as campaign workers.

Since PA has an almost exactly even split in power between R and D, this may shift the balance of power as more people get charged. Seems all the players so far are solidly in the 'D' category. Guess they figured they could get away with it, since they have already done so for generations.

Much indignant squawking going on in Harrisburg, as 40 politicians try and yank their hands from the same cookie jar at the same time.