Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things That Work Right Up Until They Don't

From a thread at OFCC, we find this. Yes indeed, Virginia Tech was a completely safe, gun-free place... right up until it wasn't.

Naturally, the editorialist gives us the police view on the matter:

Gene Ferrara, chief of police at the University of Cincinnati, had this to say to CNN not long ago: "I don't think the answer to bullets flying is to send more bullets flying. My belief is we ought to be focusing on what we do to prevent the shooting from starting."

My question to Mr. Ferrara is: If sending more bullets flying isn't the answer, when you arrive at the scene of an active shooting (assuming you are in time to do anything other than identify the bodies) what are you going to do to stop it, use harsh language?

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Sevesteen said...

We've had mass shootings where an armed citizen intervened. I cannot recall hearing of an incident where the armed citizen shot an innocent when trying to stop the mass shooter. I can recall several incidents where the mass shooter stopped upon encountering armed resistance, and I doubt it is coincidental.