Sunday, July 13, 2008


Uncle asks a question.

I went here and searched for "Pro-Gun Rally In Chicago" and several permutations thereof. Maybe you can find something, but I didn't.

Then I found this and wonder if there is some connection.

When a newspapers go from deciding that news is important to deciding only news they agree with is important, they've joined the ranks of Pravda and the Peoples Daily, and are no longer worthy of the heritage and protection that so many gave their lives to secure for them.


Earl said...

From end to end, looking at media is inviting their advertising of their products to your mind. Always has been that way, and I would rather spend my time viewing the blogs - for the opinions and facts and pictures that missed the newspapers - only so much time during a day to read, might as well go where it is fresh and funny and relatively free.

behind enemy lines said...

Mike I just ran across you blog. I attended the rally in Chicago. Its inception / initial planning began on March 20th as near as I can track down. The official announcement to people (including ISRA members) did not occur until around June the 20th.
4 weeks to get out the word...
It was pretty short notice. We experienced what we can only call a media black out from the Chicago press. They were all contacted in advance and informed ( you will find pictures of the press in attendance in links listed below) Heres a link from 1 station.

The and were the sponsors of the event. One private individual is trying to keep a record of all images, audio and video of the event which can be found here.

If you look thru the images you will see that we had a nice mix of attendees' race, gender, age, and even life style choices. One speaker represented pink pistols....

Suzanna Hupp was a great speaker and well worth seeing if you ever have a chance to do so. Truly a polite and generous lady to all who attended.

the first utube of her in a while :

the depressors refer to this ISP link:
This is how the state police protects our women here......

Illinois is one of the last 2 states with out any form of "Carry for protection" laws.

We contest that the numbers were closer to 500.

I just figured you might want to hear it from the horses mouth.

1968 Chicago bans the sale of handguns and handgun ammunition
1982 Chicago bans the possession of handguns
1994 Chicago bans so-called (but not really) assault rifles

Its been 40 years since that many legitimate gun owners stood openly in the city and did not get arrested! I'm proud to have been one of them.

Thirdpower said...

When the ISRA had IGOLD back in March, 2500 people showed up. When contacted, an editor from the Trib said it "wasn't newsworthy".

When Jessie Jackson buses in 200 people, it gets on the front page for days.

Robert said...

Pathetic. They can't go out of business too soon.

Anonymous said...

Mike, the choice of "Pravda" as the example of "selective reporting" (intentional distortion, and worse) is a very interesting one. The reason for that is the word "Pravda," in Russia, is the equivalent of the English word "truth." I recall that from my first semester of Russian 101 (34 years ago) and is a fact that I suspect most Americans do not know. It reminds me of the saying, "Tell a lie often enough, and it eventually becomes the truth (or, Pravda)."