Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Gun

We don't have a climate like the steamy south, but summer around here can get hot and dampish, and carrying the Ruger gets a little uncomfortable despite the stellar pie protection it offers.

With Breda carrying her Bersa, I figured the now idle S&W Airweight would make a fine summer carry gun. It might seem odd to trade one snubby in for another, but the Ruger is a hefty chunk of steel, and even with its short barrel, the recoil with .357 magnums it still quite manageable. Overall, it shoots like a much larger pistol, but does require a solid holster for carry. The Smith, on the other hand, is a true pocket pistol - light enough that I really don't notice it's there.

Saturday, I went to the range for a little practice, and learned something - skill is a perishable commodity, and the smaller the gun the more perishable the skill. Frankly, I sucked - and I picked up a flinch (sounds kind of dirty doesn't it?).

The recoil from the little gun is noticeable, very noticeable. Pardon the strange comparison but the recoil on the Ruger with .357's is like a freighter in heavy seas: bang, and up she goes, and then I haul it back down to get the sights in target for the follow-up shot, but the Smith is like a much smaller boat on a choppy lake - a little bouncy and unpredictable. After about 50 rounds of practice, I was able to get the target below - five shots in five seconds at 21 feet repeated three times, total of fifteen rounds in five inches. Not too bad, and I do have the laser sights to fall back on in a pinch. However, more practice is called for, which really really isn't a bad thing.

Oh, and the day after I made the switch, the weather turned cold, maybe I have the Al Gore touch.


Mike W. said...

I wish I sucked like that @ 7 yards.

Willorith said...

Good Sir:

I live in Florida. I work as a weldor. I sweat a lot. I carry a full size 1911 Taurus. With some accomodation a large weapon can be with you almost all of the time. I wear jeans with a T shirt and two pairs of suspenders. Then I put on my work shirt to hide all of the hardware. I carry 2 extra magazines on the support side. It helps to keep me balanced. My wife says my imbalance cannot be corrected no matter how much ammunition I carry.

red said...

You did far better than I did w/my wife's revolver!